If you’re looking for a candle that burns away negative energy, making room for for positivity to expand into all corners of your space and your life, you’ve found it. This is Ember from Vyrao. It comes with the intention to expel and expand, the mantra “burn it away,” and its glow lets negativity fall into the ashes, allowing lightness and clarity to emerge.

Vyrao campaign image by photographer Peter Langer off the black wax Ember Large Candle
Imagery By Peter Langer.

We created Ember because we all need to shift our feelings in a positive, conscious way. 

From its base of herbaceous cistus, smoky cade and wintergreen birch tar, a harmonious interlacing of aromatic cedar wood, elemi and frankincense arises to burn through stuff that’s not serving you, allowing positivity energy to rule supreme.

Ember’s inky black natural wax is housed in a white porcelain vessel, and it isa fragrant tool of close-to-the-hearth woody, incense-y ness that opens a pathway to enjoying a new frame of mind. 

With Ember the spark of transformational thinking is in your hands.

Ember Ingredients and Qualities

Elemi – Aligns Chakras
Frankincense – Illumination
Cedar wood – Attracts Positivity
Cistus – Healing
Cade – Soothing
Birch Tar – Restorative

Ember Details

Vyrao’s natural wax ember candles are developed with a high dose of perfume oils to create a tranquil olfactory experience when burned in the home. The intention behind Ember is to cleanse your space. Use Ember to give your ambient surroundings a charge of serenity and positivity, and to send bad vibes up in smoke. 

The large candle is 570g with 90 hours burn time 

The small candle is 170g with 40 hours burn time 

Vyrao campaign image by photographer Peter Langer off the black wax Ember Candle

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