Introducing our launch campaigns.

At Vyrao we love collaboration and connection and for our first campaign we worked with five up-and-coming photographers to express each of our five inaugural fragrances. We couldn’t be more inspired and proud of this incredible work.

Starting with I am Verdant, our lush green fragrance filled with the intention of transformation, illumination and sprouting fresh green growth. South African photographer and director Lea Colombo is renowned for the up-close intimacy of her work and distinct use of saturated, vivid colour, which makes her the perfect artist to represent I am Verdant in visual form.

Lea created this imagery for I am Verdant during a trip to Sri Lanka, capturing the saturated colour and dreamy atmospherics of the fragrance in a magical waterfall surrounded by lush tropical growth. Her hyper-real images conjure up the feeling that a spritz of I am Verdant in the air above you is the magical mist to take you to another, better place – at least in your mind.  

Verdant’s enveloping mossy citrus aromatic comes from a blend of clarifying Italian bergamot and uplifting cyclamen combined with illuminating frankincense and orange flower absolute. Thank you for taking us there, Lea Colombo.