Photography: Vickie Biggs

This deliciously lush garden thrives in the centre of urban London, moments away from bustling city life. The essence of each of Vyrao’s five high vibration fragrances grows here. 

Garden designer Alice Crespi created a garden for each Vyrao fragrance in partnership with Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell and the garden’s owner and one of the founding partners of our brand, Joel Bernstein. There’s space in the garden for each of our five scents: I am Verdant, Free 00, Witchy Woo, Magnetic 70 and Georgette

Imagery of the magical Vyrao garden, take by Vickie Biggs.
Close up flower detail in the magical Vyrao garden, take by Vickie Biggs.

“My garden is a very special place,” says its owner Joel. “There’s something visceral that happens to people here because it is urban. It is two thirds of an acre, huge by London standards! The reaction is always, “Where am I? This place is otherworldly.” When you’re in it, you can’t quite tell if it is tropical or not tropical. It is a collection of plants that work for the space and the soil. It is slightly organic, but not so organic it feels unplanned.”

Close up of I Am Verdant in the magical Vyrao garden, take by Vickie Biggs.

The garden for I am Verdant, for example, is year-round evergreen garden with Monarda from the Bergamot family taking pride of place. For Free 00 we are growing waterlily in our pond, which is fringed with citrus trees and jasmine. 

Roses entwine the tree house which is the home of our rose scent Georgette; divine smelling Viola odorata greets you on the way up and Nicotiana plants represent Georgette’s tobacco notes.

In the dappled, light and shade corner of the garden we find the Witchy Woo space with iris and thorny rose growing nearby. Magnetic 70’s garden is a circular pond fringed with ferns and Angelica plants.

“It was Joel’s idea to create gardens for each of the fragrances,” says Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell. “I just love that these gardens will be growing and blooming with us as a business. It feels very special.” 

We’ll be continuing to share the inspirational sanctuary and happy place that is our gardens, year round, and will introduce you to Joel Bernstein, Alice Crespi, and the extended Vyrao family as we go along. To see more images check out our Instagram, and to see more of the photographer’s work, check out Vickie Biggs on IG too.