Magnetic 70 is our unisex fragrance for attraction and protection. Formulated with vetiver for sensuality and grounding, frankincense for illumination, cedar wood for positivity, and angelica seed for protection, it emanates heightened yet serene sensuality. 

For this creative project we turned to photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez, a Swedish American living in Berlin. As a former dancer who first picked up a camera just under a decade ago, Luis work explores the muscular eroticism of the male body and its interaction with the natural world, tantalizing the viewer with the recognisable turned unrecognisable.

For the Magnetic 70 creative campaign, Luis captured the powerful essence of the fragrance‚Äôs sensual appeal by photographing the parts of the male body that emanate scent, juxtaposing stark nature studies and our energetically charged bottle sharing its precious elixir. 

Magnetic 70 is a scent as much for the wearer to intimately enjoy as is for those who catch it on the breeze and want to get closer. Use Magnetic 70 to breathe in the here & now. Thank you Luis Alberto Rodriguez.