Jess Cole wrote a poem for us! Thank you Jess. We love it and we love you.

I’ll let you come upon my androgyny 
But I’ll keep some things to myself, my opacity 
I’ll make you wander deep 
To that spot 
To the valley below 
Where the Guaiac woods are smouldering
And the warm tobacco leaves, are curling
And the rogue roses peal into the violets bloom
Where the todays and the tomorrows and the yesterdays, are too 
Mingling in, a perineal how

I’ll take you right out to the edges
But I’ll balance on my pluralities, my pledges 
I’ll make you ponder more
To lead you in
To then fling you right out
Where we’ll go right up to the very end 
And starting there you’ll discover, senses again 
And find that of the five there really is only two
Where what it is to smell and then to taste are, desires  
Pleasuring on, a limitless now 

I’ll get you disappearing through misty diffusions 
But know my essence is always freely-swirling, my illusions 
I’ll make you no doubt 
To dance in aroma 
To waft in adventure
Where odours have the power of persuasion 
And smell is a carrier of tiny molecules, all creation  
And it goes beyond the boundaries of ourselves
Where we’re airborne and we’ll meet the air in parts, little cells
Imbuing in, a phenomenal cloud 

I’ll have you behind the eaves of the ears
But I will continue on dabbling here n’there, my airs 
I’ll make you feel it 
To the point
To the emission
Where you will react with your bodily heat 
And from the base of the throat rolling down, we’ll meet 
And go round to the back of the knees onto the inner wrist 
Where breaths suffuse into souls certainty, multitudes exist 
Inhaling in, a fascination ploughed