Alex Eagle at home with one of her children.
© Alex Eagle Studio

The creative director Alex Eagle casts her joyful design eye over some of our favourite wellness and retail spaces in London.  While her curated stores at Soho House clubs, and her wellness pop-up at 180 The Strand are members only, Alex Eagle Studio and Alex Eagle Sporting Club (AESC) in Soho’s Lexington Street is open to all. 

Set in a beautiful loft and displaying Alex’s inspiring taste in home, fashion, books, art and fragrance, including Vyrao, the idea behind her business is Instagram-age simple. If you look inside the studio and wonder whether you’ve accidentally stumbled into a private home, you’re halfway there. We highly recommend Alex Eagle Studio’s modern, slouchy tailoring, especially her trouser suits and her perfectly proportioned varsity jacket. But really, the secret to the Studio’s success is that the whole space is shoppable. “My studio is like private home for everyone to spend time and where everything is for sale, says Alex. “From the candle burning [which could well be from Vyrao] to the record playing.’ 

Alex Eagle at home wearing a white suit.
Alex Eagle store image.
© Alex Eagle Studio

Melanie Rickey: How did you arrive at creating and running your various spaces?

Alex Eagle: “It was accidental! I took on a shop opposite my home in 2014, and it started from there. For me, edit is everything; it’s about what’s hidden, exclusive, or special.  Loving it is the only rule. If you love it, it will go with other things you love.”

MR: What’s happening with you for Spring 2022? 

AE: I’m excited about everything at The Health Club now; I do Pilates daily with The Studio; we also have Skin Design London in residence – they do life changing facials which I’m excited for people to experience. The AESC is taking residence at Oakley Court this summer, with tennis on offer. 

At the Studio we have just launched a new exhibition by the wonderful artist Alba Hodsoll, which people need to come and see, as well as all the amazing new tailoring pieces, coming soon. 

An art work by Alba Hodsoll from her latest exhibition.
Alba Hodsall

MR: What is your personal definition of wellness?

AE: Feeling calm and energised and grounded within myself. 

MR: How do you take care of yourself in springtime – does it change into a new season? 

AE: Now it’s getting lighter and warmer I find it is much easier to walk everywhere, which is therapy in itself. I make sure I take more time between meetings to be outdoors as much as possible. 

MR: What routines get you into the zone for work?

AE: Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and a quick 20 mins of Fencing get me in a focused mindset. 

MR: How do you feed your creativity?

AE: I find looking through old books (I get mine from Idea Books) and vintage fashion magazines inspiring. I also visit the V&A often; I love looking around the various rooms; there is always something that interests and enthuses there. 

MR: How do you nourish your emotional and spiritual wellness? 

AE: Taking off my shoes and walking barefoot on grass is really grounding for me. I also really love gardening in the warmer months; it allows me to switch off and be present in the moment and focus on something I usually wouldn’t. 

MR: What Vyrao scent are you most drawn to and why?

AE: So difficult! I adore Georgette and find the smell of roses very comforting but Witchy Woo speaks to my spiritual side.  

Georgette, a fragrance by Vyrao, placed upside-down.
Vicki King

MR: Are you a bit Witchy Woo? Tell us everything!

AE: I am lucky enough to feel and see signs daily, depending on the time of each and how I am emotionally. I am also very superstitious!

Witchy Woo, a Vyrao fragrance, placed on a rock on a clear blue evening.
Igor Pjorrt

MR: How do you deal with stress and potential overwhelm?

AE: Sometimes well and sometimes badly to be honest! Taking time to do nothing is the most undervalued but important way of finding equilibrium. 

MR: What ritual do you recommend for getting into a creative, and work zone?

AE: I try to swim in real bodies of water to invigorate my mind body and soul. 

Thank you, Alex Eagle.

Alex Eagle Studio, 6-10 Lexington Street, London, W1F 0LB (+44 207 589 0588)