Vyrao exists to connect you with powerful plant and flower ingredients you can use to intentionally raise and lift energy. We began our journey with five vibrational fragrances, and continue it with our second launch for 2021, incense for your personal space.

Like fragrance, incense has been used for thousands of years to enhance our daily experiences, whether for meditation, spatial ambience, personal daily ritual, or to cleanse and amplify the atmosphere in the home, or personal space.

We use the highest quality incense, featuring a bamboo stick core, with our carefully formulated aromatics blended into bamboo powder. This composition allows for a slender stick, and creates the lowest possible amounts of smoke, allowing you to enjoy the purity of the perfume oils used for each fragrance.

We’ve created three incense varieties, each costing £35 for a pack of 30. Each Vyrao Incense stick is 20cm long, and burns for approximately one hour. They are made in China.

Verdant, in shades of green, for transformation and illumination.

Witchy, in shades of violet, for courage and creativity. Witchy will enchant your space, and your daily experience. 

Ember, in red, orange and yellow, to expel and expand. At Vyrao we use Ember as many others use sage, to eliminate negative energy and invite positive energy into your space.