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Discover The ‘I Am Vyrao’ Campaign

Discover The ‘I Am Vyrao’ Campaign

Vyrao makes fragrance with feeling. But how to visually capture those feelings in portraits of emotion? The answer is right here, in the ‘I Am Vyrao’ campaign by photographer Felicity Ingram.

Imagine if a Vyrao fragrance was a person, or a person was a fragrance? This question started us on a journey to capture the emotional essence of each Vyrao scent with Felicity Ingram, a creative best known for her beauty work in Vogue, Dazed, i-D and the Wall Street Journal.

“Felicity captures the beauty of the human face like no other,” says Vyrao’s Art Director Olena Slyesarenko of Jaime Perlman Studio. “Because of this our first intention was to discover people who resonated with each of the emotions our fragrances inspire.”

We worked with casting director Emma Matell to help us street cast the unique faces and personalities that embody each scent. When interviewing our cast of British creatives – dancers, artists, designers – we were astounded how much they resonated with each scent.

“Hearing their personal stories about how Vyrao inspired them was so wonderful,” says Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell.  “I’ve come realise it’s these conversations and the responses from our customers that has been the highlight of my Vyrao journey so far. It’s why I created Vyrao.”

For Felicity, it was a project that talked to her love of photographing faces. “It’s my favourite thing,” she says. “This campaign is all about bringing the human element into Vyrao World, I asked the models to smell their fragrances while shooting to make portraits of emotion. It was intoxicating to feel the energy and great vibes of the cast, and work with the fragrances; of all the perfume brands I’ve encountered, Vyrao is the only one where I’d wear every single scent. Working on this campaign was a real honour.”

“Working with Felicity, I really wanted to open people up to the mood enhancing possibilities for each Vyrao fragrance with personal storytelling,” says Yasmin. “Georgette for self-love. Magnetic 70 for magnetism. I am Verdant for transformation. The Sixth for intuition and mindfulness. Witchy Woo for courage and creativity. Free 00 for freedom and sensuality. It’s all here.”

Meet the Cast

Reef Picknell is I Am Georgette

Malika Xerxes is ‘I Am Free 00’  

Webster Ojara is ‘I Am The Sixth’

Nicole Cavallari is ‘I Am Witchy’

Abi Asisa and Calm Zulu are ‘I am Magnetic 70’

Felicity Ingram for Vyrao

Emilie Ping Brænder is ‘I Am Verdant’


Felcity Ingram

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