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Vyrao operates with radical transparency on environmental, social and cultural issues. We’ll keep you looped on what we are doing, how we are doing it and why. Where we can’t be 100% perfect, you’ll know about that too and we’ll share what we are doing to improve it. For example, our collectible glass bottles are not re-fillable – yet – but glass in and off itself is endlessly recyclable, and our colourful flacons can be used in perpetuity as vessels. When we’ve worked out the refillable thing, you’ll be the first to know.

Our environmental, social and cultural responsibilities run through all of our decision making. We’re a small company, but we’ve chosen to work and partner with companies that offer best practice in their field, and are happy to work with us as we grow. We require that all partners who bring Vyrao products to life throughout the supply chain, provide transparency into their own social compliance policies.

Vyrao Products

Vyrao fragrances are formulated sustainably and are comprised of 88-89% natural ingredients of which 80% are certified organic, with raw ingredients sourced from Robertet Grasse, the world leader in providing organic materials for perfume.

The base of our fragrance is 100% organic sugarcane alcohol, which is grown without pesticides and fertilizers.

All of our products are gluten-free and ethically-sourced.

Vyrao Outer Packaging

Our outer packaging is deliberately pared back. We know once you receive a Vyrao product, you’ll be discarding the outer packaging pretty much straight away; for that reason single-use cellophane and plastic has no place with Vyrao. Instead, to package our beautiful glass perfume flacons and get them to you securely, we use 100% recycled, and easily recylable paper.

Paper and Glass

Our paper is manufactured from 100% recycled (post industrial) fibres. This is manufactured in Germany using waste from carbonless and thermal paper production. The recycling process proceeds without the use of chlorine or halogenated bleaching agents.

The paper has been awarded 'Blue Angel' certification by the German Federal Environmental Agency.


We work with one of just a handful of certified Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK, and support the work of the World Land Trust who offset their emissions by protecting threatened habitats and wildlife that would otherwise be lost. Working this way avoids the release of stored carbon and enables the regeneration of degraded habitats, which gradually re-absorb atmospheric CO2.

If you have any further questions about our sustainable and responsible practice as a business, contact us on We’ll answer any questions to the best of our ability, and if we don’t have the answers, we’ll find them. Thank you.