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Five Vyrao Perfumes to Enhance Your Mood

Five Vyrao Perfumes to Enhance Your Mood

Did you know 75% of the emotions we feel everyday are inspired by smell, the strongest and most evocative of our five senses? This finding proves what we already know at Vyrao about the power of fragrance to enhance – or detract – from our experience of life.

At Vyrao, our mission is to create energetic fragrance to inspire wellbeing and positive emotion using carefully chosen natural ingredients that evoke positive emotional and memory responses.

When we catch an aroma, it travels through our nose to the amygdala - where many of our emotions are processed - and the hippocampus, before arriving at the thalamus which sorts sensory signals. The result is that, before we are even conscious of it, our sense of smell is our most powerful trigger of emotion and memory. The difference with Vyrao is that we encourage you to be conscious of this positive affect as you experience our fragrances, allowing you to gain the most benefit from their formulations. 

We worked with the perfumer Lyn Harris on our first five scents. “Vyrao inspires me as a perfumer,” says Lyn, “ because the fragrances are about more than beautiful aromas, Vyrao perfume helps you connect with life and yourself. Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell came to my laboratory and got totally involved in the process of creating the scents. She talked about courage, liberation, clarity, self-love and magnetism and I’m the lucky one who got to translate her ideas.”

Vyrao’s first five fragrances are each individually beautiful unisex scents underscored with emotional qualities that comes from their natural and sustainable plant and flower ingredients. Vyrao’s extra magic, though, is that each 50ml bottle of eau de parfum contains an energised Herkimer crystal that amplifies the good energy inside. The crystal in each bottle is charged by Vyrao’s very own energetic healer, and one of our brilliant co-founders, Louise Mita. Used with intention, Vyrao perfume can enhance your experience of life, from morning to night. 

Georgette, our rose blend, instills self-love
I am Verdant, a green, citrussy formulation supports transformation and illumination
Witchy Woo, an earthy floral, brings out courage and creativity
Magnetic 70, with vetiver and frankincense, creates personal magnetism
Free 00,  with summery citrus, jasmine and vanilla, holds the energy of liberation and sensuality 

Vyrao perfume, 50ml eau de parfum, £135

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