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Let Me Saturate Your Senses

Let Me Saturate Your Senses


Vyrao was created as a celebration of energy, but I never wanted it to be cast into the novel realm of the 'new age'. However, our bodies' energy centres, or chakras, is where our real power is at. They are our inner technology, our personal seat of power. There are a number of things that influence them, and scent is one of them.

Amongst the many of these energy centres throughout the body, there are seven that are key. We also have the ability to clear and amplify them, so that they hum a little better and invoke a little more vibrancy into our being and our lives. As they spark up and open they bring us deeper, heightening feelings through their energetic imprint on the body, and when all are vibrating steadily and in tandem, a feeling of invincibility.

More so, when the chakras are open and flowing they contribute to your overall energetic field, making it clearer, cleaner and better feeling. So think of scent as a transmission. A transmission of serenity, power and vibrancy, of your best self yet.

At Vyrao, we like to use the following scents for each chakra:



Spark up your chakras. Saturate your senses.
All the feelings you want are on the other side.

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