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Let’s Talk About Layering

Let’s Talk About Layering

An Emotional Toolkit
All of our fragrances have all been designed using powerful natural ingredients to promote a different kind of positive energy, each a sublime smelling tool for tapping into specific good feelings. And they can also be layered – for a tailor-made scent and combined mood-boosting effects.

The Power of Pairing
Just as intentionally picking out a killer outfit is a great way to set an intention for the day or occasion ahead, you can pick and choose from our fragrances and combine them to suit your needs. Looking for courage and grounding ahead of an important pitch? Layer Witchy Woo with The Sixth – one of our most popular combos. Experiencing a moment of change? Pair I am Verdant, for transformation and illumination, with Georgette for self-love, to feel bolstered and empowered.
Small and Smaller
If you want to sample all the different combinations, we recommend The Six Pack, replete with 2ml vials of our six signature scents. And if you stumble upon your dream duo, you can size up with their 30ml iterations, the Mini Woos, for a layered lift on the go.
Happy blending!

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