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Open Your Heart With Our Love Potion, Georgette

Open Your Heart With Our Love Potion, Georgette

Discover Georgette our fragrance for love and self-love, use it and open your heart to feel the feels.

When it comes to falling in love, feeling love or practising self-love, fragrance is scientifically proven to help you get closer to those feelings. Why? Because scent is processed by the brain in the same area that deals with feelings and emotions.

To awaken and amplify love in your energetic field involves opening the heart chakra. How do you do that? Usually it happens subconsciously: when we see a loved-one, our children, a new baby, or even a puppy on Instagram. Feeling that burst of love means your heart chakra is open. 

When we formulated Georgette, the brief was to layer luxurious, sustainably-grown, organic ingredients into a fragrance for love. Love for ourselves, for others, for someone special.

The top note is rose, the flower of love and romance. But Georgette is not all sweetness and light. It layers the Turkish rose oil with violet leaf absolute for individualism, sandalwood for grounding, and patchouli for balance; all healthy parts of the love experience, too. Sensual bite is offered with base notes of black tobacco, vanilla and pink pepper.

Like all Vyrao fragrance, Georgette has a mantra chosen specifically to make space and intention around the moment you use it. “I deeply and completely love and accept myself,” offers a boost to your heart with every repeat. Saying it daily is a practice encouraged by Emotional Freedom Technique therapy, and it has a major effect on your mood. Do it for yourself, or share it with a loved one. It works. It really does. 

Georgette, 50ml eau de parfum, £135

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