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Something Is Speaking to Me

Something Is Speaking to Me

My Body Has A Voice

If you're reading this then you'll already know that the art of maintaining and caring for our bodies goes beyond the daily ritual of a bath or shower. We apply topical creams, we bend and stretch, we keep our physical machines in good working order.
But how often do we observe gratitude for our bodies? My body has been speaking to me these last few weeks, alerting me to some minor ailments, and it made me think. It's easy to take our body for granted. We talk about inner-strength as mental fortitude, but what about physical strength? My body has grown two humans inside of it, it holds me up and moves me around. Last week, I observed it holding a plank pose in yoga, and I realised that I wanted to honour and appreciate my physical structure more. It's been reminding me, at first gently, and since with more vibrancy, that I have put it through some serious shit – both emotionally and physically. Gosh, I'm sorry and I hear you (to my body, I mean).
I wanted to give my body some love – I wanted to observe how it felt. We listen to our intuitions, but what are they really? They say the gut is the second brain, and this extensive network inside us can really tell when something is right, or wrong.
With the turn of spring into early summer, it's time to take a moment to listen to your body. Where does it feel sore? Where does it feel tired? Is it quietly telling you something, or is it shouting? Let it have a voice, honour it, heal it – and say a big THANK YOU.

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