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Vyrao Aura By Emma Dudlkye

Vyrao Aura By Emma Dudlkye

At Vyrao we make fragrance to boost emotional wellbeing. Our perfumes, candles and incense are beautiful, uplifting scents, but used with a bit of ritual and intention, they inspire deeper feelings of love, courage, joy, magnetism and clarity of mind to the surface of our lives. These energetic benefits inspired photographer and artist Emma Dudlyke to create this dreamy portfolio, each photograph effervescing with the painterly quality we love about her work. “The intention," says Emma Dudlyke, "was to use powerful colour to represent the energy and emotion emanating from these transformative compositions.”


Magnetic 70 

“We worked with the colour palette of the film the Man Who Fell to Earth, showing two bodies close together, representing magnetism.”

I am Verdant

“The sense of rejuvenating freshness, of vivid green coming from the scent is so powerful. It takes me straight into nature, to truth.”

Witchy Woo

“For Witchy Woo I was inspired by the idea of a siren emerging from a lagoon at night, emitting the magical powers of courage and creativity.”


“We wanted to create a sensual palette of red-to-pink tones on the skin, a visual interpretation of Georgette on the body.”  

Free 00

“Free 00 makes me feel like anything is possible, to expect the unexpected.”

Thank you Emma Dudlyke and Megumi Matsumo

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