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Vyrao’s Yasmin Sewell on The

Vyrao’s Yasmin Sewell on The

If “protect your energy” were a person, it would be Yasmin Sewell. For the founder of Vyrao, a fragrance company that sells scentscandles, and incense, as well as the mom of two boys, rituals are important. In fact, rituals are what prompted the once buyer turned perfumer to create a business based on energy healing, originally working with Louise Mita, founder of the Art of Energy, to create the products. Her latest scent, The Sixth, was made with perfumer Meabh McCurtin and psychic advisor Katt Nicholson.

While Sewell loves indulging in lots of luxury skin-care products, she doesn’t necessarily believe a maximalist approach is the secret to good skin. What makes the most radical difference for her is rest. “I believe in a solid eight to nine hours of sleep every night,” she says. Then, it’s all about hydration. “People who don’t have access to products, but simply start their day with drinking water can make such a difference.”

Sewell starts her day around 6:30 a.m. and scrapes her tongue: “It’s a holistic thing that I’ve been doing for, like, 15 years,” she says. Following that, she downs three to four glasses of water. “I have purified water in my house, which is a very cost-effective way of being well and having great skin,” she explains. Next, she burns incense. Some days, she goes for a rich and musky Witchy scent, other days she opts for Ember, a cedarwood scent.

She then gets into her eight-minute skin-care routine, which she considers quick but effective.

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