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Yasmin Sewell, Vyrao

Yasmin Sewell, Vyrao


"Yasmin Sewells's CV reads like a fashion dream: a buyer at Browns, chief creative consultant at Liberty, and vice president of Farfetch, not to mention gold status as a style icon. But the neuroscience-inspired fragrance brand Vyrao was her homecoming.

Sewell grew up in the Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra, where a connection to nature, specifically the ocean, shaped her as a person. Work and life took her to London, where she profoundly impacted the fashion industry, but an inclination towards wellness (plus a desire to create something uniquely her own) resulted in Vyrao. Described as a fusion of energetic healing and master perfumery, Vyrao consists of personal fragrance and home scents. "Vyrao is absolutely about the spirit, mind, and body connection," Sewell says. "Scent and healing through the senses is extraordinarily powerful—when you smell something, it bypasses past the logical brain straight to the core of you; to your center. The neuroscience is there."

Vyrao's personal perfumes are based on a feeling or state of mind: liberation, self-love, or courage, for example. Formulated by a master perfumer using plant and flower extracts, each contains a charged crystal for vibrational shifts in each spritz. Sewell launched the brand into Mecca in 2022, a full-circle moment for the Aussie expat. "Australia has been a huge influence on my life and career here in the UK," she says. "I think that has given me quite an open-minded, free-spirited mindset that all connects to Vyrao."

The brand's holistic approach is one that feels very attuned to our way of life: Australians are known for their sense of calm and commitment to feeling good. "I think being well is ingrained in the Australian culture—one of my favorite things is coming back, waking at 5 am from jet lag, and seeing dozens of people already on the beach swimming, meditating, and exercising," Sewell says. "I don't see this very often in Hackney, East London." 

"Scent and healing through the senses is extraordinarily powerful - when you smell something, it bypasses past the logical brain.""

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