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The Six Pack

£45 - 2ml x 6

Eau de Parfum

Try every fragrance, feel every good feeling and amplify positive energy with Vyrao’s Six Pack. Use our discovery set of 6 fragrances as 2ml samples to find your signature scent or simply carry them as mood-boosting tools on-the-go. Each Vyrao fragrance is formulated to uplift mood and shift energy. Which one are you?

Once purchased you will receive up to £25 off all bottled fragrance. Offer sent via email.

Amplify Your Energy

This product includes:
Georgette for self-love
I am Verdant for transformation and illumination
Witchy Woo for courage and creativity
Magnetic 70 for attraction and protection
Free 00 for freedom and sensuality
The Sixth for mindfulness and intuition

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Amplifiers of energy, each Vyrao fragrance is created from plant and flower remedies

Vyrao exists to awaken and raise energy, altering your state of mind •