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A Christmas Candle for Love? Meet Vyrao's Rose Marie

A Christmas Candle for Love? Meet Vyrao's Rose Marie

Vyrao's Rose Marie comes with the intention for self-love and the mantra “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” With its delicious creamy rose scent undercut with black tobacco and smoky guaiac wood, Rose-Marie is the sister candle to our modern rose and black tobacco fragrance, Georgette.  

With organic, natural ingredients chosen for their emotional qualities as much as for their uplifting aromatics, Rose Marie’s blush pink wax holds a delicate blend of Turkish rose oil and violet leaf absolute interlaced with energising guaiac wood, vanilla and sandalwood. 

We created Rose Marie as a tool for soft power and empowerment just in time for Christmas and ahead of Valentine's Day.

Ingredients and emotional qualities:

We work with natural, sustainable and organic ingredients chosen for their specific emotional qualities that naturally resonate at a high vibration.

Baies Rose - self-love
Turkish rose oil - self-love
Violet leaf absolute - self-expression
Sandalwood - grounding
Patchouli - balance
Guaiac wood - energy clearing
Tobacco noir absolute - joy and peace 
Vanilla - sensuality

Use Rose-Marie to transform the energy and vibration of your space.

Rose Marie Details:

Vyrao’s natural wax Rose Marie candles are blended with a high dose of perfume oils to create a calm yet uplifting experience when burned in your personal space. Use Rose-Marie to turn your space into a sanctuary.

The small candle is 170g with 40 hours burn time 

The large candle is 570g and comes with 90 hours burn time

Energy healing elements:

Each vessel is embedded with a metal V infused with light, sound, chant and prayer by Vyrao Quantum Energist Louise Mita, to amplify the intentions within each candle. 

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