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Activate Your Magnetism With Pandora Paloma And Magnetic 70

Activate Your Magnetism With Pandora Paloma And Magnetic 70

To celebrate the back-to-school, back-to-work mood of September, we bring you the inspiring Pandora Paloma, a daily user of our wellbeing fragrance Magnetic 70, and our go-to for all things magnetic in life, work and money.

Pandora is Quantum Transformation and Business Coach on a mission to help women and female entrepreneurs to access and accelerate their magnetism, so who better to create this exclusive Magnetism Workshop for us? Use this activation with the attraction and protection energy of our fragrance Magnetic 70 to help you become more magnetic in your everyday life. 

Over to Pandora:  “Listen to the steps in the video and see what comes up,” she advises. “This will activate energy within you. Trust the process. What feels true for you is true. What feels like a pull to change, is true for you. What feels alive in you to claim, is true for you."

Discover more about Magnetic 70 here, and learn about Pandora’s journey and her magnetism courses in our full interview here

Thank you Pandora Paloma

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