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"Vyrao's Magnetic 70 creates a warm energetic field around me", Lalah Delia

"Vyrao's Magnetic 70 creates a warm energetic field around me", Lalah Delia

Vyrao is honoured to speak with one of our favourite spiritual writers, the certified spiritual practitioner, educator and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, Lalah Delia about our mutual favourite subject – raising vibrations – and her love of our wellbeing fragrance Magnetic 70

Lalah Deliah with Magnetic 70

How are you today, Lalah? What are you doing?

I am enjoying the summer heat in LA with gratitude.

Tell us a little bit about where you are from, and where and how you grew up?

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, a known community for gangs and violence. I grew up in that lifestyle, taking on toxic traits, at the same time wanting things to change but not really knowing how. Ultimately, everything I went through informed the work I do today. I'm passionate about it because I've hit many rock bottoms and seen many rock bottoms. I've overcome and seen other people overcome and so my work is all about how to Vibrate Higher Daily no matter where you are in your life. 

In your book you describe a “dark night of the soul” when you didn’t want to continue as you were. Can you describe the revelation which inspired you to the path you are on now? 

Three days after trying to take my life I woke up dazed and confused with my head in extreme pain, and I just remember thinking, “Well, I'm still here.” In that moment I realised the divine had given me a second chance. It was a summons for me to show up in the world.

You chose to become an author and educator– what have you learned about the challenges of people today since launching in this space?

The main thing I've learned is there's a lot of energetic and subconscious blockages that we pick up in our formative years. But it's not until you break away from that, and understand how you're vibrating with other people, that you start to awaken energetically. It starts with knowing you have blockages and respecting how energy, magnetics and vibration works.

I know you discovered Vyrao’s wellbeing fragrance Magnetic 70 in an LA store through a friend’s recommendation, and people responded to you in a different way when you wore it.  Can you tell us about that, and how you feel wearing and using it? 

Yes! I love using it, and I have it on right now. It creates a warm energy field around me. It magnetises warmth and protection and a feeling of comfort for myself and those around me when I wear it. It is a beautiful social fragrance. Also, when I’m by myself, it gives me a sense of grounding and comfort so it's beautiful to work with in that way. I also use it for a room spray.

We love your book, Vibrate Higher Daily at Vyrao, and refer to it all the time – it’s powerful and so helpful. How did the book happen?

I created my website Vibrate Higher Daily in 2018 and put my heart and soul into preparing it for a year and a half. Two weeks after it launched a book agent reached out to me and she said ‘you know what? You have a book. It's right here on your site.’  

Lalah Deliah at home with Magnetic 70 by Vyrao

What is typical feedback you get from people from your Instagram? 

‘Lalah, how did you know I was feeling this way?’ Or, ‘You always know exactly what I need to hear today.’ ‘I was suicidal, and you really give me hope.’ It's the healing people are connecting to. I've become, in a way, a muse and an expander for people on their journey and I'm deeply grateful to show up in the world in such a way, after all I've made it through and overcome.

Are you a bit Witchy Woo? (Energy healing, crystals, meditation etc) Tell us everything!

Some people would call it that, but for me, it’s my way of life. I live in mindfulness and, and yeah, for me its total vibrational living.

How do you deal with stress and potential overwhelm?

That's important for me because I identify as a highly sensitive being. If there’s an environment that’s overstimulating me, I’ll pause, do a meditation, some breathing, ask for touch. I try to use the tools wherever I am. 

If you are feeling low, how do you raise your vibration?

Laughter is a great one for me. Also, nourishing myself through self-care, time out in nature, also time alone. I also find binaural beats are a great way to help to raise my vibration. 

Are there any healing modalities you would recommend?

Absolutely. The first one I would recommend would be acupressure massage. It helped me write the book because it helps with moving around the energy in the body where it can get stuck and hidden. Likewise bathing or showering with Himalayan salt balls or scrubs. Flower Essences and aromatherapy are great because the tinctures reach the blood brain barrier quicker than anything else. It's just there. 

What is your current mantra? 

LD: Always 'Vibrate Higher Daily'. This mantra has gotten me forward in life.  If I could have a bonus one, it would be ‘I Have Arrived, I Am Home’ from Thich Nhat Hanh the Thiền Buddhist Monk, one of my greatest teachers.

Discover Lalah Delia’s writing, teaching and community classes at Vibrate Higher Daily.

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