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My Final 2023 Mantra

My Final 2023 Mantra

A Few Reflections On 2023

I went into this year thinking it would be different, as we often imagine a new year will be. We have our expectations of what we think will happen, what we plan to do, what we hope will transpire, and does it ever go to plan? Not really. I think a lot of people would say that 2023 was a challenging year. I felt that post Covid things would start to lift, but in fact this year has brought with it even harder times for many, and horrific times for some.

I believe we all feel it. The energy has been intense and we are all connected, so if you’re feeling “stuff” and can’t quite pinpoint why, don’t underestimate the power of collective consciousness. I’ve personally found it harder than ever to channel good vibes. Louise Mita, our master energist worker, has had a few more calls from me this year (thank you, Louise). And I’ve had to spend more time reminding myself to observe my thoughts, care for myself and trust the process. 

I created Vyrao to make beautiful tools; reminders and aids to feel better, wherever and whenever you need to. I use our fragrances every day and I'm so thankful for them. They are more than perfumes, they are potions. 

We launched two new products this year, one a new potion: Sun Ræ, our second science-backed scent for joy and happiness. And yep, that scent was in the works for quite a while. We worked so hard to make it super clean – Gwyneth Paltrow clean, actually, which is no easy feat in scent – that it took about a year longer than expected to launch. We also released The Mini Woos, portable, 30ml versions of our scents, which I adore. I’m now with my family in Australia and I travelled out here with all of them in my bag, and have been giving them out as gifts. I love pulling one out at dinner with my friends. 

As this year comes to an end, I’m keeping my mantra simple: be kind, try less and be still whenever I can. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for all the things I’ve achieved this year, and all of the things that I didn’t achieve but tried to. And I hope you will too. It’s time to be gentle on ourselves, I say.

Wishing you all a restful time off now, if you manage to have some, and the warmest wishes to you all for a wonderful 2024. We have some magical things planned so stay with us…

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