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Wellness Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

Wellness Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

Wellness Doesn't Means What You Think It Does

The New Year is an arbitrary marker of time, it has no meaning astrologically, and yet we latch onto it as a point to stop, refresh, reconsider and re-adapt. We use it as a moment to pause and attempt to change our habits. 

But what if instead of resolutions we had realisations? The realisation that you will never be able to juggle with the fluidity of a clown, that some people are just the way they are, that actually water is the grown up drink.
 Wellness isn’t just extended squats or eating purple sprouting broccoli, it’s also the realisation that the small things in life matter – feeling free, whether that’s the wind on your cheek or a pulsing disco beat, feeling beautiful, feeling like you can express yourself however you want.  

What if wellness actually meant nibbling on some high-vibe chocolates, or fluffing your pillows and spending the morning in bed? Forget learning how to juggle, you can do that any time, but tune in on Friday – when we will reveal exactly how chocolate is the route to our wellness. 


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