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Seeing Colour, Smelling Happiness

Seeing Colour, Smelling Happiness

Colour Is Joy

There’s magic everywhere. Until the age of around 10, I used to wake up every day, and in the morning fog, open my eyes to coloured lights all around me. I’d sit and watch them float about, like rectangular strips of coloured glass flying towards me. I’d gone to sleep waiting to wake up and see them. They were so beautiful, and are reason I adore coloured glass so much. During the process of making the bottles for Vyrao, connecting the colours to each scent took the longest, and if you close your eyes and smell Witchy Woo, I do believe it smells purple. 
Last week, I was walking to school with my nine year old, who has also expressed to me that he sees the colours, as did my 12 year old, who, like me, saw them until he was around ten. I love the idea of my younger son holding onto the colours longer than we could. I know he’s tapping into energy and auras – whatever you’d like to call it. That day, he stood in the street in East London and looked at the space around him and described the colours coming towards him. 
Colours, to me, now, represent joy, bliss, life, everything. In 2019 the germination of Vyrao came to me as a message; the word green kept appearing in my mind like a loud speaker I couldn’t turn down. I felt an other worldly compulsion to paint my house green – and with that green, I found Vyrao, a word which has its roots in the Latin for “I am green, I am verdant.” 
I don’t ever want to stop the ability to see things beyond our sight, to feel things beyond our thoughts. There is a deeper connection to be had with the world. And although we are living in pretty chaotic times, we are still here.
Maybe it helps to find beauty in fragments of colour around you; shafts of sunlight, whatever grabs your attention. Don’t just see it. Hear it. Feel it. Smell it. 

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