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What Is A Neuroscent?

What Is A Neuroscent?

Drawing On Science, Bottling Joy

Did you know that our two newest fragrances – The Sixth (for mindfulness & intuition) and Sun Rae (for joy & happiness) – were formulated using groundbreaking neuroscience to measurably target your emotions? That’s why we dubbed them “neuroscents”.

We made our neuroscents in partnership with the International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (IFF), and their remarkable Science of Wellness programme. This draws on over 40 years of research into fragrance and its impact on emotion and wellness, enabling perfumers to create scents that boast science-backed emotional, cognitive and physical benefits.

The programme combine multiple tools for the purpose:

- Neuroscience and consumer perception data
- An extraordinary palette of fragrance ingredients
- A specially developed in-house AI tool that cross references billions of pieces of information to assist perfumers in the discovery of ingredient blends that conjure specific feelings

This was how we created The Sixth – a mystical scent that’s scientifically proven to make wearers more mindful – and, a year later, Sun Rae (our bottled sunshine), which is proven to boost happiness and feelings of self-confidence. 

Soon another neuroscent will join the family too, so keep your eyes peeled.

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