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Yasmin Sewell's Favourite Perfume For Creativity

Yasmin Sewell's Favourite Perfume For Creativity

Vyrao's founder Yasmin Sewell recently caught up with Faith Xue of The Zoe Report to share the power of scent on emotional wellbeing, and creativity.

Scent, according to Yasmin, is the simplest way to access the mystical and psychic. “With magic comes great creativity,” says Sewell, who explains that her own creative channels have increased since trading fashion’s never-ending trend cycle for the slower world of scent and wellbeing.

The Scent Of Nostalgia

“Calvin Klein Escape was the first fragrance I ever bought. Oh my God, I loved it. It was super summer. It did feel like I was escaping with that fragrance. I remember wearing it to the beach, so it reminds me of the ocean, of being young.”

The Scent Of Creativity

“I was in fashion for 25 years, it's a creative industry, and I was around and worked with the world's best. But I feel more creative now with Vyrao. The scent that absolutely embodies that is Witchy Woo, our fragrance for creativity and courage. It's the one I go to probably the most. You can be very creative, but not have the courage to do things. It doesn't go anywhere. And then you can have a lot of courage, but no creativity — and that doesn't go so well. It's in the combination of the two that's the magic happens. Witchy Woo is complex, deep, empowering. I also modified it to an incense. What I love about incense is that you light a stick, and within three or four seconds, your house is kind of transformed. My home is like a laboratory for all of my fragrances.”

The Scent Of Happiness

“Vyrao Free 00. This scent is literally summer in a bottle. Whenever I use it, I feel light and energetic, happy and free. It contains lemon, mandarin, orange flower absolute, jasmine, vanilla. It's our most delicious scent. My friend who owns the Six Senses in Ibiza loves Free 00 so much he made it the scent of the hotel!”

The Scent Of Love

“When you say love, I think about my grandmother, Georgette, so we created this fragrance to evoke feelings of self-love. I lived with her for a lot as a child and her teachings power me in everyday life. I have this memory of her wearing Elizabeth Arden Red Door, but also of her growing roses in her front garden. We used to go down there together to pick those roses and she'd lay them around the house. She just was the sweetest, most loving person I’ve ever met.”

Thank you Faith Xue

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