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The Story Behind The Sixth By Vyrao

The Story Behind The Sixth By Vyrao

Image by Ruth Hogben

The two year journey to create The Sixth for mindfulness and intuition began with Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell consulting her long-time psychic advisor Katt Nicholson who channelled ingredients to open up the sixth sense, including apple, basil and peppermint. Sewell then collaborated with perfumer Meabh (Mave) McCurtin whose training as a biochemist and perfumer in Paris realised The Sixth using scientific protocols from the Science of Wellness program at International Flavors & Fragrance (IFF). 

IFF has been measuring emotional responses to fragrance for over 40 years using its Scent Emotion and Mood Mapping research. Their data base is vast, with 6000 scents studied. In 2020 IFF discovered 87% of people want emotional benefits from fragrance, and 67% want scientific proof of the benefits. In 2021 it launched the Science of Wellness program which studies brain activity related to smells and perfume. Using neuroscience and artificial intelligence, the program creates new formulation possibilities to enhance the creative approach of perfumers, resulting in scents that deliver proven wellness benefits. The Sixth utilises this research. 

The beautifully light, uplifting outcome of this unique alliance between science and psychic is The Sixth, formulated specifically to enhance mindfulness and intuition.

“While making the fragrance,” says Meabh McCurtin, “I recalled a visit to a Benedictine monk in Ireland who showed me around his garden, sharing herbs used to make tonics monks have been drinking for generations. I thought about balancing energies - heightening, cleansing, awakening and grounding and used juniper, cypress, patchouli and angelica root so The Sixth could be something a person can use to access their intuition.”

“I am a channel,” says Katt Nicholson. “My role is to bring people into contact with a higher belief system. Our sixth sense is our connection to something we don’t have physical proof of in that moment. We can’t see, feel, hear, touch or taste it but we can intuit a deeper sense of something that cannot be explained.”

Each white light refracting platinum bottle of The Sixth contains its own energetically charged Herkimer diamond crystal to amplify the intentions of the scent, and comes with the powerful mantra, "I connect to the source of life, light, love and abundance.”

 “Using this scent allows us to deepen our senses,” says Nicholson. “I believe using The Sixth enables us to become one with our own guides, our own higher self.”

“The Sixth offers us a definite way to access our sixth sense and feel more grounded,” says Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell, “it’s completely magical.”

Image by Ruth Hogben

The Sixth Notes

Top Notes: Juniper, Angelica, Gentian, Wormwood                    
Heart Notes: Fennel, Apple, Rosemary, Peppermint, Basil, Cypress 
Base Notes: Oakwood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Fir balsam, Cedarwood

15 Ingredients & Benefits

Juniper berry oil - calming, eases stress
Angelica root oil - releases negative feelings
Gentian root - calms nervous system
Wormwood oil - anxiety relief 
Fennel oil - releasing resentment
Apple - calming and uplifting 
Rosemary oil - lowers stress levels, balances nervous system
Peppermint oil - relieves restlessness 
Basil oil - reduces anxiety, promotes focus 
Oakwood - calming, boosts positive emotions 
Cedarwood - soothing, reduces stress
Fir balsam absolute - balancing 
Oakmoss - emotionally grounding
Cypress oil - boats mindfulness
Patchouli oil - boosts mindfulness

The Sixth, eau de parfum for mindfulness and intuition, 50ml
RRP: £165/ €200/ $220
Pre-order now, shipping October 6, 2022

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