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Georgette is our elixir for self-love, and its heart is a rose. This is the fragrance closest to the heart of our founder Yasmin Sewell who named Georgette in honour of her grandmother. Formulated with Turkish rose oil for self-love and enlightenment, violet leaf absolute for self-expression, sandalwood and patchouli for grounding, and guaiac wood for energy clearing.

With Georgette comes the powerful mantra “I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.” Because sometimes we all just need the reminder to love ourselves before we can love and care for others.

We asked Hong Kong born, London based photographer Alex Leese to express Georgette for us because of her irrepressible curiosity about what it means to be human results in work you can feel as much as you can see.

Georgette is Vyrao’s signature rose scent but wrapped as it is with black pepper and tobacco and captured it has a sensual unisex element that talks to raising the vibration of she/her he/him and they/them. Say the mantra “I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” and tune into your highest vibration. Thank you Alex Leese.

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