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The Sixth: Meet Our Psychic

The Sixth: Meet Our Psychic
To celebrate the launch of The Sixth perfume by Vyrao for enhanced mindfulness and intuition, we’d love you to meet Katt Nicholson. As psychic advisor to Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell, Katt channelled many of the ingredients for our unique new fragrance. Here, she shares everything she knows about the sixth sense, and gives us some insight into how The Sixth can be used to tune into intuition. Katt, we love you!
Katt Nicholson, photographed at home

So Katt, how would you describe the Sixth Sense?

We have our tangible five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting. The sixth sense exists at a deeper level, and regulates everything we do in life. It’s not only an expression of who we really are and why we’re here, but there’s proof of our humanity in it, you know, because it’s what helps us evolve and grow as humans. We’re here to learn, so the sixth sense is the root of our learning through this lifetime. 

How did you know you had a powerful sixth sense?  

I first knew I was connected as a child of six sitting in a church pew, I felt a strong calling to prophesy. Later I knew there was a fire in my home and I ran home from school to find my kitchen burning. I’ve worked as a channel ever since really, making it my full time work for the last 15 years.

How do you access your sixth sense? 

I use astrology, past life regression, hypnotherapy but the most important is tarot. Somebody gifted me a deck of tarot cards when I was 17 years old and I started reading publicly when I was 18. To this day, they are at my side morning, noon and night. I’m pretty sure it’s the longest used tarot deck on the planet with 37 years of professional use!

Katt’s tarot decks, old and new, photographed at her home in Florida

How do you use The Sixth by Vyrao?

Since using The Sixth I’ve found it helps me access and feel more in tune with my intuition than I’ve felt in a very long time, and that says a lot after four decades as a psychic! There’s something about using it that allows your energy to be pure.

The Sixth is a particular blend of ingredients, that you know… it becomes one with your own spirit. Using it, I feel more protected from noise, it enables me to go within and feel more deeply connected, bringing about a more gentle place to manifest and meditate.

Tell us about the ingredients you channelled for The Sixth and how you did it?

The ingredients for The Sixth came to me from a very powerful place during a channelled session. These include basil, apple, peppermint and rosemary, all uplifting aromas which offer a burst of energy and intuition.

How can we learn to listen more to our sixth sense?

We’re all born with the gift of sixth sense. Of course, there are different depths to it depending on the amount of growth you choose to do in your spiritual life. Some of us choose to hear what we don’t know and trust in it, and some choose to be oblivious. It’s unique for every human being. 

How can tuning into your sixth sense improve your everyday life? 

Intuition and sixth sense is our personal internal guidance system to making life decisions. Tuning into it helps you make the right choices and improves your life. Its that simple. 

Thank you Katt Nicholson.

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