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Vyrao: Meet Our Energy Healer Louise Mita

Vyrao: Meet Our Energy Healer Louise Mita

What makes Vyrao completely unique in the world today, is that we integrate energy healing into everything we do. Which, of course, begs the question – what exactly is energy healing? We asked our chief energy officer, Louise Mita, founder of The Art Of Energy, and the person who charges the Herkimer diamond quartz crystals inside our fragrance bottles and the V talismans on our candles with healing energy, to tell us everything we need to know.

Louise Mita with Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell

What is energy healing?

“Energy Healing” has taken its place front and center in the wellness industry. When our energy is balanced everything flows; when our energy is out of sorts, it affects every aspect of our lives, especially the physical. Physical ailments are the result of our energy in disarray. 

What energy are we talking about?  

Our mental, emotional, psychic, psychological and spiritual energy, which influences every aspect of our lives. If we go to the source of our well-being and start by healing our energy, this is when real transformation occurs. Energy first; matter to follow. We incorporate energy healing into Vyrao by placing Herkimer diamond crystals charged by me into all of our 50ml bottles of eau de parfum. Herkimer’s are 450 million year old quartz crystals that can clear negative energy, and amplify those of the given scent. 

We’ve been studying energy healing for millennia..

Methodologies of “Energy Healing” have prevailed around the world for thousands of years. Youʻve probably heard of and experienced at least one of these forms.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that brings about relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. “Rei” means universal; “ki” refers to the energetic life force within us all. Reiki was introduced to the western world in 1922 by Mikao Usui. However, people have practiced Reiki for about 2,500 years. Practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to the body, resulting in an improvement to the flow and balance of your energy. Once achieved, the body is prepared to heal itself.

Acupuncture has been practiced for more than 5000 years with tremendous success. Utilizing fine needles inserted in specific locations along meridians, energy pathways, of the body, the patient is able to release energy blockages that have impaired the natural flow of Qi (Chi) – the life force responsible for your overall well-being. This technique is born from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which connects the relationship between all parts of the body.

Chakra Healing aims to clear any blockages within each of the seven chakras resulting in a balanced harmonious state of being. A chakra is a vortex or energy center located in the body.  We often address the seven main chakras, although there are many more. Each chakra affects particular emotions, life functions, processes and organs associated with that area. By cleansing the chakra your vitality is restored and a multitude of ailments disappear!

Tai Chi and Qigong are regarded as forms of martial arts although the intention of the daily practice is healing unto itself.  By maximizing the power of oneʻs QI all levels of health are achieved. We think it is a slow exercise form for the elderly; it takes the wisdom of maturity to appreciate its power and potential ferocity! 

Louise Mita charging our ‘V’ talismans in Hawaii

Energy Healing has its roots in science

Science in the Newtonian era declared that everything was made of atoms; “what you see is what you get.” Then along came Max Plank, Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein at the turn of the 20th century to turn that theory on its head! They determined that Newtonʻs version of what you see comprised only 10% of the mass of the universe…10%!!  Where is the other 90%?  It’s invisible!  90% of the mass of the universe is quantum particles so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Well then, how do we know they even exist?  When light bends around these particles you cannot deny they are there! On top of that Einstein determined “two objects could affect each other’s behavior instantly across vast distances”, something he dubbed “spooky action at a distance”. Decades after his death, experiments confirmed this to be true.

How can we use energy healing for self-care?

The most important thing to do is to RECOGNIZE your energy; be aware of your energy. Are you feeling good? How does your body feel? When youʻre in a good mood and your energy is flowing, youʻll notice how everything runs smoothly. The world responds to our energy. Your aches and pains decrease; your face looks brighter; your body is tingly and alive; even the grouchy neighbor will smile at you!! OMG!  It is a mindset that we practice and train daily. Know what things you need in your life to make your energy feel good; feel right. Do you need to exercise? DO IT.  Do you need to drink more water? DO IT. Do you need less social media time?  DO IT. Would a moment of self-care settle you down? DO IT. Then you build the new habits that turn into a way of life. A really good energetic life. 

How can we use Vyrao products charged by Louise Mita to raise our energy?

Often we are guided to a scent by our nose but with Vyrao fragrances, unbeknownst to us, there is an energy component that may be what attracts us. 

Free 00 holds the energy of Liberation and Sensuality

I am Verdant supports Transformation and Illumination

Witchy Woo brings out Courage and Creativity

Magnetic 70 creates Attraction and Protection

Georgette instills Self Love

Ember Candle dissolves negative energy

The Sixth enhances Mindfulness and Intuition

Choose a fragrance according to which scent appeals to you the most, or flip it by deciding your requirement for a happier daily life. More self-love? Choose Georgette. More courage and creativity? Choose Witchy Woo. More grounded and in touch with your sixth sense? Go for The Sixth! We choose the fragrance or the fragrance chooses us – either way itʻs a WIN!!

Thank you Louise Mita.

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