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Incense Bundle

$120 - 20% Saving

Elevate your space with Vyrao’s witchy, sexy and illuminating Incense Bundle.

Contents: Verdant - for transformation and illumination. Witchy - for courage and creativity. Ember ‚Äď to expel and expand.

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Witchy Incense, x30 sticks
Orris entwined with thorny rose, frankincense and nutmeg with musk to seal casts Witchy’s spell. Enchant your space. 

Verdant Incense, x30 sticks
Italian bergamot and uplifting cyclamen combines with frankincense, juniper, orange flower and musk to elevate your space.

Ember Incense, x30 sticks
Cistus and birch tar interlace with cedarwood and frankincense for a sharp woody, smoky aroma that eliminates negative and emanates positive energy. 

Vyrao exists to awaken and raise energy, altering your state of mind ‚ÄĘ