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A Perfume with the Power to Heal?

A Perfume with the Power to Heal?

Vyrao’s intention is to make feelings. Good ones. To experience the emotion evoked by a fragrance is something many of us do unconsciously, but with Vyrao we have the feelings wrapped up and we’re inviting you to feel them. This is the theme explored wonderfully by writer Mary Cleary for who also spoke to Lyn Harris the master perfumer who worked with founder Yasmin Sewell to develop scents as fragrance boosters, read more here.

The Vyrao project totally inspired me as a perfumer. It feels like the right time to create a fragrance that is more than a beautiful smell, one that helps you connect with life and yourself.

– Lyn Harris, Perfumer H

Yasmin came to my laboratory and got totally involved. ’She told me ‘This is what I feel Lyn’ – she talked about empowerment, liberation, and magnetism, and I’m the lucky one who got to translate her ideas.

–Lyn Harris, Perfumer H

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