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All About Our Sensory Reviews

All About Our Sensory Reviews


For us at Vyrao, fragrance is all about emotion. We use perfume to lift and shift our mood, as well as so wrap ourselves in a mist of evocative high vibe aromatics. 

All of our fragrances are designed to evoke a specific mood by selecting flower essences based on their links to positive emotions. Studies have shown that bergamot and orange blossom aromas have a calming effect. We used both of these essences in I Am Verdantwhich is an uplifting fragrance created to evoke feelings of transformation and letting go.

Someone turning over a new leaf might love I Am Verdant and use this as a reminder to embrace their new identity. Another person might use Magnetic 70 to make them feel confident and sexy. Our fragrance Georgette contains rose, for self-love, and will make the wearer feel nurtured and lifted. The citrussy layers and warm vanilla of Free 00 bring to mind long hot days of freedom and sensuality, while Witchy Woo’s Moroccan orris and frankincense is a cloak of empowering fragrant armour. 

Don’t take our word for it though! For our second Vyrao campaign, we worked with our community, asking each of them how they feel when they use a Vyrao scent. The results really do speak for themselves. Our sensory reviews are joyful, utterly unique to each person, and demonstrate the essence of what we are. Fragrance with frequency. 

Thank-you to each and every participant of the films. See them here, on our homepage, or on our main Instagram grid. What would your sensory review be?

Click here to do your own.

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