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Take a Sensory Review Using Vyrao

Take a Sensory Review Using Vyrao

How are you feeling today? Take a moment to check in with yourself, then follow our simple steps to uplift your day with Vyrao.

The 4 Steps

  1. Place your bottle of Vyrao fragrance in front of you and take a moment to check in with yourself – how are you? 
  1. Take a couple of deep breaths in and out, let serenity settle for a moment, and feel the tingle of knowing you are about to shift your energy up high.
  1. Imagine the energetic intention you wish to manifest into your day and use your Vyrao Fragrance as the tool to take you there. Each one is infused with plant and flower ingredients chosen to specifically awaken specific emotions, and each bottle contains a supercharged Herkimer diamond crystal to amplify them when you spray.
  1. Let us spray! Breathe it in and let the perfume connect and settle onto you as you feel the feels.

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2 mins to complete.

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