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Jess Cole Meets Our Rose

Jess Cole Meets Our Rose

Meet Jess Cole, a model, writer and one of our inspirational extended Vyrao family. We love the effortless way Jess writes, and the fluidity with which she plays with both her femininity and androgyny in her life and work. As soon as we met Jess we knew she was the perfect polymath to express our fragrance, Georgette.  

In early summer 2021 with lock down restrictions starting to lift, Jess and the photographer Bolade Banjo escaped from London to stay in an off-grid cottage on the Jurassic Coast in Devon. There they created this series of images and films inspired by our rose fragrance Georgette.  

For Jess and Bolade the setting had to be peaceful. “We wanted to go back to simplicity. We stayed in an old bakery with no Internet and no phone reception; the loo was at the end of the garden, and all the light sockets for the house were by the back door.”

The idea was, you know, to just be at home. When we came back to London I wrote Oh, Georgette. Modelling is my bread and butter, but writing is the thing I love.

–Jess Cole

Georgette is a rose fragrance. Its mesh of Baies and Turkish roses softened with pink pepper and black tobacco gives it an unexpected twist, and it’s this unisex fluidity that Jess explored for her poem.

“Georgette is inspiring because of this idea of ambiguity, and opacity. It’s a rose fragrance but it also has edge. It can be masculine or feminine. Not everything is clear, not everything is as it seems. I may appear to be androgynous, but I’ll let you have that.”

Read Jess's poem here.

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