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Meet Pandora Paloma, Your Magnetism Coach

Meet Pandora Paloma, Your Magnetism Coach

For our first Autumn Vyrao Wellbeing Session, Quantum Transformation and Business Coach Pandora Paloma reveals how she helps women and female entrepreneurs to access and accelerate their magnetism. Want to attract wealth and be magnetic? Start here.

Pandora Paloma, Self portrait

MR: How are you today Pandora?

PP: As always, I feel magnetic! 

MR: I know you reached the heights of PR & Marketing world, and then turned away from it when you didn’t find happiness and fulfilment there. What was the catalyst for that?

PP: Honestly, I didn’t enjoy office politics and work stopped feeling good. I’d always been into spirituality and wellbeing so I freed up time to study nutrition and yoga. Today, as a business coach I use my knowledge of PR and marketing to help women stand out on and offline to become the leaders they want to be. 

MR: You chose to go into the Business Coaching and Spiritual Development arena – what have you learned about the challenges of women today since launching in this space?

PP: The top three challenges I find women face the most is:
Unapologetically stepping into their CEO Leadership and claiming their desires. 
Feeling safe enough to stand out in their business. 
Being OK in wanting more, whether that’s time, space, wealth, sex…to get there we have to dissolve what is standing in our way, which 90% of the time is our mindset and beliefs. It’s powerful work!

Pandora Paloma, Self portrait

MR: Is raising your energetic vibration and finding ways to emotional wellbeing a key part of your working practise with your clients? 

PP: Absolutely, I spend a lot of my time helping women master their energetics. I also help clients regulate their nervous system so they build resilience and capacity to receive more clients, wealth and support. 

MR: I know you love Vyrao's Magnetic 70. How do you work with the fragrance, and how do you feel wearing and using it? 

PP: Fragrances have a frequency just like we have frequency and Magnetic 70 is my absolute go-to - I use it to feel my most powerful and magnetic. 

MR: What various courses are you running at the moment? What is the most popular and why? 

PP: The Magnetic Business Method is for women new to business, looking to set the foundations of a magnetic brand and build up to £5k a month. The Expansion Accelerator is for those ready to hit their first six figure year and Expand to 7 for visionaries ready to hit multiple six figures and up to seven figures. I use financial parameters as a guide but there is so much self-discovery and magic that happens in these spaces. In October I’m running a new edition of Magnetic Money: The Multi 6 Figure Edition.

MR: What morning wellness routines get you into the zone for creativity, and how do you protect and feed your creative process?

PP: I don’t have any notifications on my phone and try not to look at anything before 10am to protect my creativity and energy. As a rule I do my own Magnetic Manifestation Activation most days which consists of a journaling sequence and meditation. Throughout the day I will take five minutes to press pause, regulate in nature and connect with my vision.

MR: Are you a bit Witchy Woo? Tell us everything!

Magnetic 70 By Vicki King

PP: I’m training in Shamanism so yeah, I’m pretty woo! For me this is a way of life, not something I do to be spiritual but more who I am and how I live. 

MR: How do you feed your joy and stay high vibration? Are there any healing modalities you would recommend?

PP: I regulate. I have a few safety anchors that always bring me back to my centred self and they are, in no particular order: meditation, a warm bath, tea with honey, getting my feet on the sand, swimming in the sea where I live in Ramsgate – yes, all year round - hugging my partner, having a good cry, journaling, breathing, sleep and a good orgasm.

MR: Books/podcasts that you constantly call upon to keep your focused and steady?

PP: My own podcast - The Magnetic Woman. Diary of a CEO, Where Should we Begin with Esther Perel and books, hundreds! I am a book worm so if you want a list, come and say hello! 

Thank you Pandora x
Discover Pandora's Paloma's world here.

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