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Believe in Magic With Vyrao

Believe in Magic With Vyrao

To celebrate the launch of Vyrao in Japan, founder Yasmin Sewell, shares her inspiration to create Vyrao's emotional wellbeing scents with Jun Online and Kikuno's Eye. Discover Yasmin's life journey, and why the mantra for our fragrance Witchy Woo is "Believe in Magic".




"We've just got to believe in the magic, that's what Vyrao is all about," says Yasmin. "The best thing for my creativity is to go to nothing in my mind. I find that if I meditate the real inspiration comes. I'll get a feeling and go with it. When I trust the process, other things appear."

Each of our fragrances offer ways to feel our feelings, to help us achieve emotional wellbeing.

Discover Vyrao here.

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