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The New Mood-Altering Perfumes

The New Mood-Altering Perfumes

Also formulating things a little differently is London-based Australian Yasmin Sewell, who created perfume and home fragrance brand Vyrao in May 2021.

“Each ingredient in our formulations has been selected for its healing properties, we use plant and flower remedies, and inside each bottle is a Herkimer diamond — one of the most powerful quartz crystals on earth, which has been charged by our quantum energist Louise Mita,” Sewell says.

Are wellness scents the future?
“I think this category is taking off now because I truly believe we have entered an age of
consciousness — our awareness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual is growing and defining the choices we make. Taking a moment for yourself, to sit down and pause and give yourself that intention, creates a huge shift internally.”

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