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The Sixth: Meet Our Founder

The Sixth: Meet Our Founder

Yasmin Sewell shares the very personal story behind Vyrao's new fragrance, The Sixth, for enhanced mindfulness and intuition. Two years in the making, this scent has been part of Vyrao's story since before we launched in May 2021. Creating The Sixth has been a lesson in following your intuition, believing the signs, and trusting in magic.

This is perhaps the most personal piece I’ve written so far. It’s the story of how our new fragrance The Sixth happened, and it's so special to me.

When does a fragrance become more than what we know a scent to be? ¬†I don‚Äôt know ‚Ästbut I do know The¬†Sixth is more than a fragrance. It‚Äôs a tool to help us access¬†something deeper.

The idea for The Sixth came to me fully formed. It was like being handed a tray of¬†sweets, like ‚Äúhere you¬†go‚ÄĚ, from somewhere I don‚Äôt know.

The name of the fragrance was clear ‚Äď The Sixth. The meaning and intention for it was¬†there, totally clear in¬†my mind - for mindfulness and intuition. ¬†But I‚Äôm sure I didn't consciously think of them myself.

Here’s the story. I’ve had a psychic advisor for 12 years, Katt Nicholson, who has predicted many of the major things in my life, including my children, and Vyrao. Katt knew I would do scent before I did.

When the idea for The Sixth arrived with me, I told Katt, and in that moment it became clear she had to be part of it. Later, she told me that when she was younger, a psychic had told her that one day she would create a scent with a dark haired woman.

It was in this weird full-circle moment that the real goosebump magic happened. I asked Katt to channel the ingredients we should use for The Sixth, so we could create a fragrance that opened up the sixth sense. She chose basil, apple, peppermint and rosemary, all uplifting aromas which offer a burst of energy and intuition.

When Maebh (Mave) Mc Curtin appeared as our perfumer, it was clear her understanding was there, she’s been mixing potions since childhood. Meabh brought aromas to the Sixth I wouldn’t have imagined like wormwood oil, gentian absolute and fir balsam absolute. I’ve filmed the long discussion we had about each of the natural ingredients we selected and our mutual passion for this cause - I’ll post them soon.

The last piece of the puzzle was finding a way to include ingredients proven to enhance mindfulness. We worked with International Flavors and Fragrance (IFF) the company whose creative and scientific scent research department the Science of Wellness has proven the mindfulness benefit of cypress and patchouli.

And here we are - the Sixth, a light, herbal elixir which is the most enlightening and grounding scent you’ll ever experience, all wrapped in a platinum bottle with a crystal inside, charged by Vyrao's healer, Louise Mita.

When I use it, I know that The Sixth is definitely more than a perfume. But I‚Äôll leave the last word to Katt, who told me after she started using The Sixth, ‚ÄúIt helps¬†me access and feel¬†more in tune with my intuition than I've felt in a very long time, and¬†that says a lot after four decades as a psychic!‚ÄĚ

And that gives me goosebumps.

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