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I’m A Skeptic But This Crystal-Infused Perfume Unlocked My Inner Witch

I’m A Skeptic But This Crystal-Infused Perfume Unlocked My Inner Witch

Vyrao Founder Yasmin Sewell spoke to Sophie Hanson of, about Vyrao’s emotional intentions, and after trying all of our fragrances, she is a convert. “Every morning, I would cast a spell on myself with a fragrance designed to help me achieve my goals,” wrote Sophie. “And for me, it worked.”

Albert Einstein once said that “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift.” In the time of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, intuition—that is, the ability to understand something instinctively and without explanation—was imperative to our survival. The sixth sense; that gut feeling of unease or danger; when the hairs at the back of your neck inexplicably stand on end could’ve meant the difference between living another day and being ripped apart by a predator. In an increasingly fact-driven and distracted modern society, though, we’ve largely discarded our intuition. (Also, because women are regarded as the more intuitive of the sexes, it doesn’t take much to make the connection between this tendency to brush off the unexplainable and centuries of patriarchal misogyny.)

Yasmin Sewell is on a mission to reignite that emotional self-guidance. Through her unisex fragrance brand Vyrao (pronounced vi-ray-oh, from the Latin word vireo meaning “to sprout”), she’s the first to fuse perfume and energy healing in this scent-mindfulness hybrid. Her latest scent, The Sixth, is designed to tap into that inner voice by embracing both spiritual and scientific elements. Vyrao’s resident psychic Katt Nicholson channels specific ingredients believed to exhume our intuition, like holy basil, peppermint, fennel and apple. An integral perspective came from the Science of Wellness program at International Flavors & Fragrance (IFF), which examines the brain activity related to smells and perfume—enter cypress and patchouli oils, which notably help to promote mindfulness. Finally, master perfumer Meabh Mc Curtin took these ingredients to create a scent that truly awakens the senses, even someone with skeptical tendencies such as myself. “We all need reminders to trust ourselves and even if the perfume is simply used purely as that reminder, that will do wonders,” Sewell tells STYLECASTER. “Most of us are leading quite hectic lives, caught up in thoughts, and anxiety. There is always fear; always has been and likely always will be, so we need all the reminders we can get to stay tuned in and listen to that inner voice, and fear is the fastest way to block that.” In addition to their carefully considered ingredients, each bottle of Vyrao fragrance contains a Herkimer diamond crystal energized by their healer, Louise Mita.

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