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The New York Times ‘The Smell of Magic’

The New York Times ‘The Smell of Magic’

This month we are thrilled to be featured in the New York Times, T Magazine, in ‘The Smell of Magic’, an article by the journalist Megan Bradley. Vyrao is founded on the principle that scent raises energy and improves mood, based on the evidence that 75% of all emotions generated every day are inspired by smell. This piece highlights the long-standing connection between scent, emotion and magic, and acknowledges Vyrao’s pioneering approach to creating fragrance with feeling and energy healing.

Thank-you to Megan and The New York Times.

According to Dr Britta Ager, an American classicist and the author of “The Scent of Ancient Magic,” fragrance has long been associated with witchcraft and supernatural powers. “Across time and space,” she says, “there’s a gut level connection that humans instinctively make between scent and magic.”

Recently, a host of fragrance brands have turned to this age-old relationship with magic, like  Vyrao , which was founded by the London-based former fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell in 2021 as a way to share her lifelong interest in mysticism. “I had many psychic experiences as a kid,” she says, and even now she relies on her strong intuitions about the future when making decisions.

She created the line’s newest fragrance, the Sixth, in collaboration with the psychic Katt Nicholson, who often incorporates scent into her work, applying essential oils before meeting with clients. “I’ve always felt like I could get a stronger connection and more information through heightening my senses,” says Nicholson, who recommended ingredients like rosemary oil for reducing stress and basil oil to increase focus. The resulting blend, crafted by the Irish perfumer Meabh McCurtin, is herbaceous and spicy, with notes of angelica, fennel and apple settling into a base of patchouli and oakmoss.

Read the full article here.

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