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Vyrao Is Crystal Energy-Infused Perfume You Need

Vyrao Is Crystal Energy-Infused Perfume You Need

Vyrao wellbeing scents featured in Elle Australia on April 22, 2022, to celebrate the brand's launch across Australia and New Zealand. Read the highlights of founder Yasmin Sewell's interview by Alex Bruce-Smith, below.

"It makes sense that the first person to combine energy healing and perfumery would be Yasmin Sewell," says Elle Australia.

"The source of Vyrao came from wanting to raise and shift and alter energy in our bodies," Sewell says. Each bottle of Vyrao comes with a small, ethically sourced Herkimer diamond crystal inside—the most powerful crystal in the world, according to Sewell. "The crystal is the conduit, but each of the plants and flowers and remedies of the oils [in the perfumes] all have energetic properties," she said. "There's a reason why rose is the rose of love, it's got such a high frequency."

Sewell landed on five scents for her launch collection, each designed to "shift your vibrations" to your desired intention.  There's the citrusy I Am Verdant (for new beginnings and transformations), the masculine Magnetic 70 (for attraction and protection), the earthy Witchy Woo (for courage and creativity), the fresh Free 00 (or liberation and sensuality), and Sewell's personal favourite, the romantic Georgette (for self love), which was named after her grandmother.

It was a meditation on her grandmother's masculine and feminine energies that led Sewell to the dual rose and tobacco notes of Georgette, which smells of a sophisticated glamour—like sequins and dinner parties and the first buzz of alcohol. "That one took me the longest," Sewell said, "because I wanted to get it right for her."

Vyrao is available at Mecca in Australia. Read the full article here.

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