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Vyrao’s Scents Of Purpose

Vyrao’s Scents Of Purpose

If you’re ever unsure that good vibes are ‘a thing’, speak to Yasmin Sewell. It’s not just that she’ll make chakra pathways, meditation retreats and energetic healing sound as sensible as putting one foot in front of the other, she’ll make you feel (even via Zoom) as if you’re the smartest, funniest and most intriguing being you’ve ever deep-down hoped you are.

Yasmin is in the business of perfume (Vyrao launched in May 2021 and is now sold in more than 50 locations in 11 countries worldwide), but she trades in energy; buy one of her gloriously prismatic bottles and what you’re really getting is, as Yasmin puts it, ‘lots of love, positive intention and a hell of a lot of goodness’.

Read the full article in the November issue of Good House Keeping.

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