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Vyrao, the Fragrance Brand Blending Science and Mysticism

Vyrao, the Fragrance Brand Blending Science and Mysticism

Who is it? Yasmin Sewell had spent 25 years working as a buyer and creative director in the fashion industry when, in 2019, she had her self-described ‘aha’ moment. “I realised it was time to do what was really me,” she tells AnOther, reflecting on her sudden career pivot. “I was born into a very psychic Arabic family and I was always seeing and feeling things as a child, so I’ve always had a parallel interest in spirituality and holistic health.” Rather than continuing in fashion, she decided to lean into these more esoteric yearnings, founding the wellbeing brand Vyrao in 2021. “Vyrao really is my life’s work,” Sewell explains. “It’s everything that I know about brands and creativity, combined with everything I love, which is energetic wellbeing.”

Sewell calls Vyrao the first wellbeing brand to “fuse energetic healing with master perfumery”. It currently sells seven unisex fragrances – as well as candles and incense – which each promise to help raise your energetic field and provoke different positive emotions. While this can be easily dismissed as ‘woo’, the notion that all of us have shifting energetic frequencies, affected by our moods, is rooted in science – and Sewell is keen to ensure that Vyrao is credible in all its claims. As well as being informed by her training in Reiki and Integrative Quantum Medicine, the scents are also bolstered by neuroscientific research, with ingredients chosen for their ability to activate certain parts of the brain. “Every plant and flower we use is chosen for how they elevate your mood and spirit,” Sewell says. “Even down to the colour of the bottles, colour can influence your mood. We’re not just creating beautiful objects, we’re creating something that is an energetic source.”

 Why do I want it? The scents themselves are distinct and evocative. There are seven in total: for sensuality, there’s Free 00, a zesty blend of Sicilian lemon and Egyptian jasmine; for self-love, there’s Georgette, a peppery and intoxicating Turkish rose; and for joy, there’s the new Sun Rae, a turmeric-focused fusion of bergamot and ginger. I Am Verdant, for transformation, smells like a mossy green forest after rain; Magnetic 70, for Attraction, is a smoky, woody vetiver; The Sixth, for intuition, is a breezy but complex herbal blend. “I use all of my fragrances, and even mix them throughout the day due to the natural formulation,” says Sewell. “Currently, my favourite is The Sixth because it encapsulates the refreshing essence of this time of year, marked by changing seasons and shifting energy ... This fragrance is designed to promote mindfulness and intuition, containing Cypress oil and Patchouli which collectively reduce anxiety, enhance focus, and restore balance to the nervous system.”

The last scent to mention is Witchy Woo, a heady and mystical mixture of nutmeg, rose, frankincense and rare Moroccan orris. The fragrance is meant to inspire “courage and creativity”, with a breakdown of each key ingredient – and its benefits – listed on the site. “To be honest I think all plants and flowers, anything that comes from nature, is extraordinary. We have everything we need at our fingertips,” adds Sewell. “Scent can trigger a brief but significant moment, a total shift in your energetic state, an ability to experience an abundance of self-love, liberation, happiness or protection. Scent has the potential to alter everything in your body and bring about a sense of emotional upliftment.” As well as all that, the ornate solid glass bottles, in deep polychromatic hues, look beautiful on any dressing table.

By Dominique Sisley

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