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What Makes Me Woo

What Makes Me Woo

What Is Woo?

Is it happiness and joy? Satisfaction and pleasure? Is it magic? Is it a sense of being connected to the moment and the world? Is it that funny tingle you get when you know something good is going to happen? Is Woo a mood? 
It’s a feeling, a sensation, a vibration.
So many different things make me Woo. I get a particular sense of joy from coloured lights; when I see stained-glass, a boost of joy, a zap of bliss goes through me. And, later in the day, an impromptu dance in the kitchen with my kids might give me that same energy. 
My biggest Woo comes from making fragrance. The process of sourcing plants, flowers and magical ingredients to create a totally unique scent, which will exist in the world for decades and decades. Something that will remind someone of someone else in the future. Something that, someday, someone will be enchanted by. The making of not just the scent, but also the feelings and the future of the scent, is just wonderful. It’s Woo.
We’re launching a campaign this week on TikTok for our Mini Woos and you’ll see a bunch of wonderful people showing us what makes them Woo. I wanna know what makes you Woo? Is it something everyday? Or something extraordinary? Reach out and tell us, show us in a video, whatever you feel.  
So, what is your Woo? I know that if you take the time to identify what it is, and to act on it, it will only do us all good.

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