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Rose Marie Candle

$95 - 170g

Candle for Self-Love

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This is our rose for love and enlightenment, with violet leaf absolute for self-expression, patchouli for grounding and guaiac wood for energy clearing. Every Vyrao Candle includes a “V” talisman supercharged by our Quantum Energist, Louise Mita. The Rose Marie Candle has a burn time of 40 hours.


Rose Marie’s pink wax is created using a blend of mineral, coconut and rapeseed wax. While the rapeseed and mineral waxes are sourced sustainably in Europe, the coconut wax comes from group of small holder farmers in the Philippines.

Our vessels are made of white porcelain ceramic.

Vyrao candles are made in the UK.
Vyrao packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

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Candle Care: When caring for your candle, keep burning time to under four hours. Treat the white porcelain vessel as you would a vase, and carefully wipe away marks that may appear with a clean, dry cloth after the wax has cooled. Trim wick after use.

Amplifiers of energy, each Vyrao candle is created from plant and flower remedies

Baies Rose


Rose Oil

Self love

Violet Leaf Absolute






Guaiac Wood

Energy clearing

Tobacco Noir Absolute

Joy and peace



Vyrao exists to awaken and raise energy, altering your state of mind •