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Sun Ræ – Sustainable Isn’t Just A Word

Sun Ræ –  Sustainable Isn’t Just A Word


We’re all about pure, natural energy at Vyrao, and there’s nothing more important to us than how something is grown, it’s vital life force. For our seventh fragrance Sun Ræ the purity starts in the soil with the cultivation of its key ingredients on organic farms in India, Haiti and Madagascar.

The ginger, vetiver and turmeric roots used in Sun Ræ are grown under the care of the highly respected team at Laboratoire Monique Remy. LMR Naturals work with local producers across the world to provide the very best natural and organic perfume oils. These ingredients are sustainably grown using circular farming methods that prioritise organic over chemical-based fertilizers, minimise outputs of harmful substances and use regenerative soil practices to produce only the purest extracts.

Used in fragrance for the first time by Vyrao, our turmeric leaf and root oils have a red fruit note balanced by creamy floral and woody undertones. Our turmeric comes from India where it has been grown by curcuma farmers for generations, and provides uplifting, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our ginger comes from Madagascar and is proven to increase self-confidence as well as serotonin levels. Lastly our vetiver, which is grown seasonally in Haiti and distilled for 6-8 hours to extract the fragrant molecule, has both calming and stress-relieving benefits.



We all know how joyful, even sexy, it feels when the sun comes out. It uplifts our energy in an instant, just like most of Sun Ræ’s ingredients. Sun Ræ also contains bergamot for clarity, sandalwood for grounding, amber for tranquillity and musk for sensuality. We partnered again with perfumer Meabh Mc Curtin, and using the research behind the Science of Wellness Program - which has been measuring emotional responses to fragrance for over 40 years – we’ve created the most active, potent elixir yet for turning up the emotional dial to joy and happiness. That’s why we called it Sun Ræ.

There’s nothing sexier, or more joyful than knowing the source of something you put on your body. A little bit like the sunlight.



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