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Vyrao Wellbeing Fragrance Launches Across Japan

Vyrao Wellbeing Fragrance Launches Across Japan

Vyrao at Restir in Tokyo

Vyrao's fragrances for emotion and wellbeing have launched across Japan. Premium stores including Kith, Restir and United Arrows in Tokyo, and 1LDK stores in both Kyoto and Tokyo, now house the full collection of Vyrao fragrance, incense and candles. 

We have been fortunate to create a beautiful partnership with the incredible Phaeton Fragrance House in Ishikawa, who have worked closely with our Japanese team to create a dedicated space to experience the ‚Äėlightning process‚Äô Vyrao inspires when using our scents.

Vyrao at Phaeton Fragrance House in Ishigawa

Lightning process? It’s that moment of the day when you ask yourself: how do I want to feel today? How do I want to act or react? How will I be mindful today? The five Vyrao fragrances each invite a certain emotion to be expanded, and Phaeton Fragrance House has created space for that experience to happen with their in-store design. The result is an opportunity to discover Vyrao in a mindful way, and to take the time and space to feel the emotional response each scent inspires.

Georgette inspires love and self-love
Magnetic 70 opens up magnetism 
Free 00 expands feelings of summer liberation and sensuality
I am Verdant invites in lush nature and the sensory experience of a forest bath
Witchy Woo amplifies courage and creativity
The High Five Set offers all five fragrances in travel size, for all the good feelings 

All Vyrao scents are finding connection in Japan with an audience who seek to feel connected to their emotional source, and for those attracted to design and fashion. As one editor commented ‚ÄúSupreme niche fragrance has finally arrived in Japan, and the name is Vyrao.‚ÄĚ

With special thanks to our Quantum Energist Louise Mita who flew to Japan from Hawaii to share our message of energetic healing and wellbeing using scent with our community, and to Haruki Naoi for sharing the Vyrao vision across Japan. 

Discover our full range of Japanese stockists here.

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