The Higher Five set in shallow water with crystals around them

We’ve just added a very special limited edition Higher Five travel set to our collection of emotional wellbeing fragrances. The set contains Vyrao’s five uplifting scents formulated individually to stimulate feelings of love and self-love, courage, magnetism, joy and clarity of mind. 

The scents in Higher Five are made with active natural, sustainable ingredients that act on the brain’s emotion and memory centre to promote a sense of emotional wellbeing. What makes this set extra special is that each 7.5ml vial also contains a Herkimer diamond crystal energetically charged by our healer Louise Mita. Thanks to Louise, each crystal holds the energy of the fragrance around it, so when spritzed with intention, the emotional benefits of each fragrance are amplified. 

“Scent and energetic healing has a definite impact on the way we feel,” says Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell. “What I love is you can bring these little zaps of mood-lifting fragrance with you anywhere and everywhere you go. Use the Higher Five to magnify all the good feelings every day and night.”

The Higher Five set in shallow water with crystals around them

The set contains 5 x 7.5ml 

Georgette – for self-love
Magnetic 70 – for attraction and protection
Free 00 – for liberation and sensuality
I am Verdant – for transformation and illumination
Witchy Woo – for courage and creativity